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As a business advisor and CPA with over 30 years of experience, I’m incredibly familiar with the intricacies of business advisory. I understand just how important advisors are to any industry, from finance to entertainment and everywhere in between. And as my first entry on this website, I thought that I would offer a brief overview of business advisory as a whole and its importance.


Business advisory is a unique industry that offers well thought-out solutions to complex situations within any business or organization. These solutions can range anywhere from financial to organizational. In most cases, advisors double as financial accountants that provide financial assistance. But what makes advisors so unique and valuable is their ability to work outside of the the traditional financial role and offer solutions and advice to organizations and businesses that are crucial to decision making; this can be done either proactively or retroactively.


Business advisory takes many forms. Services can be as simple as a financial audit and as complex as a full-blown restructuring of organizational processes; whatever the particular company requires at that moment is what the advisor will analyze.


While advisors all have different methods of providing services, they all have one goal in mind: to improve the future prospects of a company.

A deep understanding of the company’s mission and goals are crucial to creating an effective plan for the future, so advisors meet with executive and board members and learn as much about the organization as possible.


The importance of business advisory cannot be overstated. Almost any business can benefit from an advisor to better their efforts, finances and strategies; devising and executing business models, redefining marketing tactics and improving revenue streams are all possible through business advisory.


As a business advisor myself, I’ve dealt with a bevy of businesses all requiring different strategies and tactics to reach success. I’ve advised small businesses and almost everything else in between; I know that there is almost always a solution for any problem, so if you are considering hiring a business advisor, do it. It will be well worth your time.