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I’ve mentioned before on this site that boards for companies, large or small, can function in one of two ways: smoothly or terribly. It all depends on the members. But sometimes, even if you have some fantastic members, there needs to be an even greater leader helming the conversation and “steering the ship” so to speak.


Sometimes it can be difficult to lead a board meeting effectively. So, with that in mind, I figured I would offer a few tips that should come in handy for your next board meeting.


Be Prepared

Obviously, you want to be as prepared as possible before running a meeting, however, this has more to do with ensuring that everyone else is prepared. Ensure that any necessary information regarding the meeting is sent out beforehand. Make sure that everyone in the meeting is kept up to date on all information that will be discussed in the meeting so that there aren’t any surprises.


Try to Listen

Board meetings are a chance for you to discuss the highs and lows of a company and really delve into the issues, or successes, of the company. But they are also a chance to listen to the other members of the board. Obviously, if you are running the meeting, you should certainly be speaking quite a bit. But there is nothing wrong with listening. You should be giving each and every member their chance to speak in order to maximize their talents.



This falls in line with being prepared. If you are going to pitch any new, different or exciting ideas, you will need to communicate your ideas as thoughtfully as possible. If you stammer or are unable to answer any follow up questions, you could lose the room very quickly. Practice what you’ll be saying or pitching several times and try to anticipate questions. Once you have it down, you’ll be able to go into the meeting and wow.


An inability to properly lead a board meeting can raise questions in regards to your leadership. Don’t allow that to happen. Follow these simple steps and hopefully you will be a star at your next board meeting.